Social Responsibility

Internal Activities

Through courses and special programs, the company invests in the human and technical development of its in-house staff.

External Activities

The company's involvement with the community in Jaguariaíva is based on cooperation and dialog. In this spirit, Valor Florestal participates in various charitable projects through financial and material donations and volunteer work.

Some of the main organizations we support include:

Jaguariaíva APAE (Association of Friends and Families of People with Special Needs)

The São Judas Tadeu Special Education School works to develop projects involving prevention, advocacy, guidance, provision of services, and support for people with special needs and their families.

Maria Imaculada Center for Social Assistance (CASMI)

This institution serves children and adolescents in poor communities who are in situations of social vulnerability, offering educational and cultural activities.

Transforma Cidadão

This project developed by the office of the public prosecutor combats corruption and helps spread a culture based on dignity, honesty, ethical principles, social participation, and the full exercise of citizenship by encouraging critical discussion, social participation, and citizenship education. This equips students from state high schools in the municipality to work together on activities that benefit the schools through intramural competitions, empowering the school community so that teachers, public servants, parents, and students can work together to improve the school buildings through initiatives such as cleaning, painting, small repairs, and internal awareness campaigns. The project includes companies in Jaguariaíva, and Valor Florestal is part of this initiative.