Environmental Responsibility

As a company, we are committed to the environment! We respect and care for remnants of native forest and monitor fauna and flora species. We promote the recovery of degraded areas and the identification of all conservation areas as Permanent Preservation Areas and Legal Reserves.

Valor Florestal also administers a 1,156 hectare Private Natural Heritage Reserve located in the Atlantic Forest in the municipality of Corupá, Santa Catarina. This reserve, which is better known as the Waterfall Circuit (Rota das Cachoeiras) features 14 breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, and its forests provide homes for a wide variety of endemic and endangered species. The Waterfall Circuit also has a space for public visitation, helping to build environmental awareness among visitors.

In our operational practices, we always strive for improvement with clean technologies, proper waste disposal, and environmentally conscious actions for resource use.