At Valor Florestal, harvesting involves removal of some or all the planted trees, using mechanized techniques and innovative systems to ensure higher productivity and optimize forest assets.

Today there are management techniques that serve the various industrial segments. Valor Florestal has trained and qualified professional staff to meet the needs of clients and ensure the best economic results in management of their forests.

Valor Florestal uses large equipment that combines high productivity, lower costs, and reduced environmental impacts.


Tree felling operations can be carried out in areas being clearcut or thinned. In this activity, logs are felled and classified according to client requests. Valor Florestal has modern machines that provide high yields and add value to the forest.


This operation consists of removing previously classified wood and bringing it to where it will be loaded. This is defined by micro planning, ensuring efficient logistics operations. In removal, forestry machines with large load capacity are used, providing high productivity and lower costs.


In the loading phase, logs are placed on the trucks using the machines which are best suited to each operation, ensuring agility and efficiency in the process and optimizing the transport fleet.


Forest roadways are essential to logistics results. Through a multidisciplinary team that plans and executes roadway construction and maintenance, Valor Florestal uses the right techniques to optimize economic outcomes.